During project creation, you must choose the type of documentation required for that project. 

Contract Simply provides legal, standard copies of a draw cover sheet, a conditional lien release, and an unconditional lien release that you can use. (Click on "Preview" to see the actual document.) We also provide the standard documents for the states of California and Colorado, if your institution is required to use one of those. 

Simply choose an option from each dropdown menu.

If you have your own custom draw cover sheet and/or lien releases that must be included with your projects, you must upload those before adding a new project. Once you upload your own document templates, they will show up as options in the dropdown menus.

Need more help? We're here to make using our platform as easy for you as possible. Please email us at support@contractsimply.com or call us at 1-833-4SIMPLY with any questions or concerns.

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