*Note that we use "change order" and "reallocation" interchangeably in this article since, despite slight differences, this is standard practice in construction lending and depends on your involvement on the project.

If a change order is submitted on one of your projects, you will be notified via email, in accordance with your set account preferences. (See how to manage your notification preferences here).

You will also be notified within the application, as seen in the following screenshot. You can access the reallocation by clicking on it in the Notifications list. 

You can also find a list of all reallocations by clicking on "Projects" in the main navigation menu.

Next, select the project you want to work on by clicking on the address. 

From the specific project's page, click on "Reallocations" in the Projects sub-navigation bar.

On the Projects > Reallocations page for the project you selected, you will find a list of all reallocation submissions. To view the details of a request, simply click on it.

Once you review the change order, you can accept or reject it by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.

If you reject the reallocation request, the user who submitted it will be notified and be able to submit a new change order.

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