Users can now upload their Scope of Work rather than inputting line items one by one. Once uploaded, the SOW will be available in the application within a few hours. You will be alerted via email when it is fully uploaded and ready for you to view.

To upload your SOW, start by going to the specific project that you want to work on. 

1. Click on "Projects" in the main menu. 

2. On the next page, select the project that is associated with the Scope of Work you need to upload.

3. Once on the project's summary page, click "Scope of Work" on the project's sub-navigation bar.

4. Then, click on the "Create from Excel spreadsheet" button.

5. This will open a box for you to upload your Scope of Work. Drag and drop your file or click in the designated area to choose your file for upload. After selecting your file, click on the blue "Upload" button and wait to receive the email alert that your upload is complete.

Please note that you must use Excel or CVS to upload your SOW. Other formats are not currently supported.

Once you receive the email notification that your upload is ready, you can log in to your Contract Simply account to review the details.  

6. After reviewing the SOW, scroll to the bottom of the webpage. Here, you will find two blue buttons that give you the option to "Save" (which keeps the SOW in draft mode) or "Save and Submit" (which will initiate a notification to the lending institution for approval.)

We're here to help! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns by emailing or by calling us at 1-833-4SIMPLY.

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