*If you are a General Contractor needing to submit your own invoice, please refer to this self-help article instead.

1. Use the top navigation bar to select "Projects". On the Projects page, select the project for which you would like to submit the invoice.

2. From the Project Summary page, click the blue "Add" button on the far right of the page and select "New Invoice" from the drop down menu.

3. Add all information to the invoice as usual. Under the title and description, you will find the option to select "invoice submitted on behalf of a sub." Click on the box, then select from the dropdown menu which subcontractor you are submitting the invoice for.

*Please note that the subcontractor you choose has to be assigned line items on the scope of work. If they are not yet listed, select "Assign line items" and you will be redirected to the Scope of Work where you can do just that. Then you will be able to complete the invoice as usual.

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