*Please note that we have recently added a feature that allows you to upload an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file for automated entry of your SOW details, rather than following the manual entry steps below. If you have your SOW in one of these file formats, please go to this self-help article instead.

1. To submit a Scope of Work, start by selecting “Projects” from the top menu bar. 

You will then be taken to a list of all projects. Notice the "Status" column on the right side of the page. If a project is awaiting a scope of work, you'll see "Pending Scope of Work" next to the entry. 

2. Select the project that you would like to work on. 

3. On the project’s summary page, click “Scope of Work” on the submenu.

Next, you will be prompted to enter all hard costs, soft costs, fees and interest for each line item. 

4. For each section, click the "Add a line item" to make additions. If there are no items to enter for a particular section, simply skip that section.

5. For each line item, if retainage is applicable, select the checkbox under the "Retainage Withheld" column. This will make sure that retainage is automatically applied each time an invoice is submitted for that line item.

6. After entering all details for the Scope of Work, scroll to the bottom of the webpage. Here, you will find two blue buttons that give you the option to "Save" (which keeps the SOW in draft mode) or "Save and Submit" (which will initiate a notification to the lending institution for approval.)

Once a Scope of Work is submitted, it will be sent to the lending institution for approval.

Still have questions? Please email us at support@contractsimply.com or give us a call at 1-833-4SIMPLY. 

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